Mott_and_White_001: The Start of Our Podcasting Empire

Podcasting seems to have forced itself into my life, for every year I grow up. Probably in the last two years, I have fallen into an obsession with football podcasts. Lineker and Baker, Football Legends, That Peter Crouch Podcast, you name it I’ll listen. I’ve even started envying that these people can afford the hour to sit and chat, as someone that fails to ever justify not doing something work-related, and if I can justify a podcast as a contribution to the MW brand then I might actually be able to socialise a little!

At Mott and White HQ, Ted and I struggle to talk about anything but our work. Not because we’re colleagues, and work seems the appropriate conversation on a workday, but because we are both constantly feeling the financial and time-sensitive pressure of working as a pair of freelancers. So it can only be a good idea to force ourselves to sit down and chat about a couple of topics on a weekly basis with no pressure to turn the conversation to work.

This, our first foray into podcast creation, is our testing of the waters. It’s only a short one, and our current idea is to put out weekly 30-minute podcasts that are centered around a single topic of one of our choosing. Each week we will alternate, so that there will be one side with the info and the resulting questions, and the other side the opinion and perspective on the topic and any experiences that may involve the topic. We’re not an infomercial, so we don’t want to both be reading out research. We’re not Siri.

Sometimes it may be anecdotal, with a broad range of experiences to share, and other times it may be more akin to The Ricky Gervais Show in which Karl will complain about any topic that is presented to him (expect a rant that Pilkington will be proud of when we hit up the Pro Tools review..). Either way, we look forward to chatting and sharing our frantic self-employed lifestyles with you all.

Just a couple of technical notes! The intro and outro music will always be one of our own tracks. Some of them made for the podcast, and others throwaways from briefs and project. This time round, we have ‘Coast’. ‘Coast’ was a track created for Adidas’s collaboration with Parley Ocean Plastic and was set to provide the underscore for a short documentary piece on the project. A familiar tale for anyone involved in production for brands, sometimes the client gives a reference track they love so much that they will never be satisfied by alternatives and eventually cough up for the license of their adored song. This was one of those cases, but didn’t change our love for the tracks we put forward (‘Coast’ is one of six). The podcast was recorded with a single microphone, in one take, and edited down to a shorter episode. Finally, the track was mastered to the commonly used -16LUFS for podcast distribution, a good amount louder than the -23/4LUFS used in broadcast.

You can currently listen to the podcast now here. We are waiting on our distributer to get the episode to Spotify, and will edit this post once the show is up.

Let us know if you can stand our voices. Better still, suggest some topics for us to discuss in the realms of music, tech and immersive audio!

The MW Weekly Podcast Will Start Officially in January 2020.

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